Another set back….

Five days after I got my last chemo treatment for a while I had a little set back…I decided I was starting to feel better after days of fatigue and tedious symptoms.  I decided to do the refreshment swim…The water was still in the 70s same as the air.  Unfortunately the current was really strong out by the buoy and I didn’t give wide enough berth when swimming around it.  I kicked the chain holding the bouy with my right foot and then my right foot kicked my left foot.  I remember a brief pause and thinking I hope I didn’t mess up my feet.  I swam back to shore and walked home without incident.

Not until a day and a half later did I have pain in both my feet.  I was really scared and thought my neuropathy must be getting worse. I took me a few days to realize what had happened.  Had a boot for a few days and anti inflammatories for a few weeks. This has been as painful mentally, physically and emotionally as anything during the six months of my treatment. Rest, ice, compression and elevation are what I am doing now…


Loved one’s recent antics

Not really about cancer but he does keep me laughing.  Several months ago the loved one got a consulting job with a very notable tech company.  The loved one did not even have a cell phone with a qwert keyboard.  He was going to whip out a map at the end of the meeting and tell the attendees he was checking directions to get back to his hotel room.  Everyone told him not to do this, he would look like a dinosaur.

The loved one listened to counsel and his colleague got him to meeting and back with a smartphone.  He became a believer in this newfangled cell phone and its powers.  He said it saved his life and he may have been sucked over the San Francisco Bay Bridge and never made it to his meeting without said help from smart phone. He got home and got right on it and purchased a used 5S phone and he is a phone guy now.  He sends me emoticons with hot dogs and smiley faces and makes me laugh every day.

6 Rounds Down

A few days ago I finished my 6th round of chemotherapy.  My last round for two months to two years.  We will monitor blood work and symptoms from this point and I will have blood drawn and go to the Dr. every 2 months.  It has been a long haul and I thought I would feel better just knowing that it was done.  Physically I have felt the worst after this round as any of them.  I am hopeful that I will improve and it will be longer before I need anymore treatment.  I am still praying that God would completely heal me and take this disease away.

My symptoms are so tedious, not worth going into and they fatigue me to think of them. I have seven more weeks off before I return to work and hope to have some recovery and return to feeling like I did pre cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Hoax

The loved one stated the other day he thinks my having cancer is a hoax because “you have more energy than I do”  I had some great days last week and took the dogs sheep herding.  Neither of them are herding breeds but I figured what the heck.   I also want to get a versatility certificate on my puppy which means she needs to title in four different sport venues.  One day at a time because the beginning of this week were the worst days I have had thus far with a litany of symptoms that are too tedious to inventory.

Today I went on a hike with a friend.  A friend who when we go hiking we will invariably get lost, which is what happened.  I hiked for 2 hrs with a lot of uphill and am really tired and my knee hurts but I am glad I got to see my friend and glad I got to do the hike.  Next week is supposed to be round 6 and the last one for a while.  I’m hopeful that is the way it goes.

No Setback

I had my usual Dr. appointment before my monthly chemotherapy today.  The plan at this point is to continue with 2 more rounds have another bone marrow biopsy when that is done and monitor my labs.  I am happy about that but still not feeling that well.  I think it may be the cumulative effects of the chemo, a virus and my bad knee is flared.  I was instructed not to take non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs while I get chemo.  My Dr. said I could take the non steroidals because my labs are good. Looking forward to the last round and hopefully some sort of recovery.

I am still swimming and doing lots with my dogs and I am really grateful for that.  I’m going to a dinner this weekend for my 35 year high school reunion.  Doing all the stuff I love and little of what I don’t.

Slight set back

Everyone who sees me says I look great.  I feel good.  All of this is wonderful except that I am not responding to my current chemo.  I still believe that I am going to be okay from this but it is a little set back.  I have finished four of what was supposed to be six rounds of chemo. Now as I understand it I have to have four more rounds.  I am still going back to work in December as I planned. I’m still enjoying my subsidized cancer vacation so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Knit caps and other gifts of Cancer

I finished my 4th round of chemo today.  Yesterday when I was at the chemo suite the lady with the knit caps came around and asked me if I wanted one.  I already have a few, but I found another cute one so I thought why not, you can never have enough knit caps. I will be stylin’ next winter.

Today I took the dogs to Fiesta Island and after that I went for my “refreshment swim” out to the red buoy at the end of the street where I live.  I swam for 2 patients getting chemo today.  One of them I met on my first day of chemo the beginning of June.  The other one I knew before I was diagnosed.  I don’t think either of them looked like they would feel like swimming today or in the next few days, so I swam for them, because I can and because I love it!

With Cancer you get AC

We remodeled our house last year leaving what to do about heating and cooling up in the air.  Where we live the heating isn’t a problem, it never gets that cold.  The cooling is another story, our house is 80 years old with no insulation and open beam ceilings. The loved one said he couldn’t possibly have his wife with cancer experience another sweltering summer in our house. He put a window unit in our bathroom for the bedroom and bathroom and another one in the living room.  After this humid week end with thunder showers it was awesome to have cool dehumidifed air.

Beware of “good advice”

Good advice comes in a variety of packages.  Today it was given to me by a member of my old church.  She had actually given me this advice a few months ago when I told her I had cancer.  She admonished me not to eat anymore sugar and surely I knew that it was feeding my cancer.  This afternoon she told me to look her in the eye and answer the question “Have you given up sugar?”  I told her I eat healthy but that I had not given up sugar.  We went back and forth about whether her advice was based on science or anecdotal evidence or a few peoples opinions. I left and went to Mr. Frostie and had a small hot fudge sundae…