Another set back….

Five days after I got my last chemo treatment for a while I had a little set back…I decided I was starting to feel better after days of fatigue and tedious symptoms.  I decided to do the refreshment swim…The water was still in the 70s same as the air.  Unfortunately the current was really strong out by the buoy and I didn’t give wide enough berth when swimming around it.  I kicked the chain holding the bouy with my right foot and then my right foot kicked my left foot.  I remember a brief pause and thinking I hope I didn’t mess up my feet.  I swam back to shore and walked home without incident.

Not until a day and a half later did I have pain in both my feet.  I was really scared and thought my neuropathy must be getting worse. I took me a few days to realize what had happened.  Had a boot for a few days and anti inflammatories for a few weeks. This has been as painful mentally, physically and emotionally as anything during the six months of my treatment. Rest, ice, compression and elevation are what I am doing now…