6 Rounds Down

A few days ago I finished my 6th round of chemotherapy.  My last round for two months to two years.  We will monitor blood work and symptoms from this point and I will have blood drawn and go to the Dr. every 2 months.  It has been a long haul and I thought I would feel better just knowing that it was done.  Physically I have felt the worst after this round as any of them.  I am hopeful that I will improve and it will be longer before I need anymore treatment.  I am still praying that God would completely heal me and take this disease away.

My symptoms are so tedious, not worth going into and they fatigue me to think of them. I have seven more weeks off before I return to work and hope to have some recovery and return to feeling like I did pre cancer diagnosis and treatment.


2 thoughts on “6 Rounds Down

  1. Connie, hoping you find that each day you are feeling better than the day before. Glad your treatments are behind you, and I hope and pray that with each follow up visit you have that you will receive continued positive results. May you feel up to taking time to do things you enjoy in the weeks leading up to your return to work. I think of you often.


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