No Setback

I had my usual Dr. appointment before my monthly chemotherapy today.  The plan at this point is to continue with 2 more rounds have another bone marrow biopsy when that is done and monitor my labs.  I am happy about that but still not feeling that well.  I think it may be the cumulative effects of the chemo, a virus and my bad knee is flared.  I was instructed not to take non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs while I get chemo.  My Dr. said I could take the non steroidals because my labs are good. Looking forward to the last round and hopefully some sort of recovery.

I am still swimming and doing lots with my dogs and I am really grateful for that.  I’m going to a dinner this weekend for my 35 year high school reunion.  Doing all the stuff I love and little of what I don’t.


One thought on “No Setback

  1. I hadn’t been aware that you were fighting cancer. Scary stuff! I admire your decision to face it head on with humor and courage! I am going to assume that you have seen the list of “What Cancer Cannot Do”–it’s a wonderful reminder about what is important in life (and what is not!)

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