Slight set back

Everyone who sees me says I look great.  I feel good.  All of this is wonderful except that I am not responding to my current chemo.  I still believe that I am going to be okay from this but it is a little set back.  I have finished four of what was supposed to be six rounds of chemo. Now as I understand it I have to have four more rounds.  I am still going back to work in December as I planned. I’m still enjoying my subsidized cancer vacation so I guess I shouldn’t complain.


One thought on “Slight set back

  1. I agree that you should just enjoy the time off and indulge in your favorite activities. As you already know, no two patients/treatments are the same. Steve’s step-dad has been dealing with bone cancer for several years now. He has ups, he has downs, but he’s still thriving, traveling, enjoying life. His treatments have been changed multiple times to accommodate unexpected responses. Just stay the course, enjoy each day and love on those pups and the man-who-can’t-be-named. xoxo


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