3rd round of chemo down, half done

I meant to write this after the 2nd day of treatment this week, when I was feeling good.  My numbers are improving and the treatment is working.  It is a few days afterwards and I don’t feel so well but I am encouraged that I am getting better and I am heading toward the downside of being done with this.


4 thoughts on “3rd round of chemo down, half done

  1. So happy to hear. I’ve been terrible about keeping in touch, but you are in my thoughts and prayers very often. I love you girl. Fight, fight, fight!



  2. Do not want to bother you, just need you to know you are always in my thoughts, even though time passes quickly, much to fast! I am always happy to see you working with the dogs, and Bob is truely your roommate, so glad you have them to support you and make you laugh! I have friends in Carlsbad and hope to visit them, hope you are ready for me to come and visit with you and Bob, when I get there, no definite plans yet 🙂 I have lots of company coming to Cabo through Dec. So look forward to seeing you! Peace and love, Bobby


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