Knit caps and other gifts of Cancer

I finished my 4th round of chemo today.  Yesterday when I was at the chemo suite the lady with the knit caps came around and asked me if I wanted one.  I already have a few, but I found another cute one so I thought why not, you can never have enough knit caps. I will be stylin’ next winter.

Today I took the dogs to Fiesta Island and after that I went for my “refreshment swim” out to the red buoy at the end of the street where I live.  I swam for 2 patients getting chemo today.  One of them I met on my first day of chemo the beginning of June.  The other one I knew before I was diagnosed.  I don’t think either of them looked like they would feel like swimming today or in the next few days, so I swam for them, because I can and because I love it!


3rd round of chemo down, half done

I meant to write this after the 2nd day of treatment this week, when I was feeling good.  My numbers are improving and the treatment is working.  It is a few days afterwards and I don’t feel so well but I am encouraged that I am getting better and I am heading toward the downside of being done with this.