Beware of “good advice”

Good advice comes in a variety of packages.  Today it was given to me by a member of my old church.  She had actually given me this advice a few months ago when I told her I had cancer.  She admonished me not to eat anymore sugar and surely I knew that it was feeding my cancer.  This afternoon she told me to look her in the eye and answer the question “Have you given up sugar?”  I told her I eat healthy but that I had not given up sugar.  We went back and forth about whether her advice was based on science or anecdotal evidence or a few peoples opinions. I left and went to Mr. Frostie and had a small hot fudge sundae…


7 thoughts on “Beware of “good advice”

  1. Hot fudge sundaes have such healing power! Great choice, Connie! I am thoroughly appreciating your blog. I love your attitude! It sounds like you are doing your absolute best and getting the most out of each day no matter what. Our prayers are with you always and we are here if you need to talk anytime.


  2. Oh come on really!? What a moron. Especially to “check up” on you later! Nice…..NOT! You go girl and eat all the sweets you want! You look great and you are doing a terrific job handling everything!


  3. Hey there! You have always had a unique way of making sense (or not) out of situations! I love that about you! Prayers for your healing strength & continued down to earth perspectives! ! Lets talk off line soon when you have time. Hugs to you😊


  4. I always find it so aggravating when people try to inflict their beliefs on others. In this instance, there’s almost a judgement that goes along with the eating of sugar. I say good for you! Eat more sundaes!


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